Whole Food vs Processed Food

One of the things I’ve been advocating lately is the consumption of real, whole foods in our daily meals. Nature has given food in its natural form and that’s how we humans are supposed to eat them.

For many years, we’ve been growing up in the presence of processed food. They are extremely convenient, cheap, widely available and can last very…. very…. very long.

In making processed food, many of the natural vitamins and minerals are gone. That’s why when you see things like “…. fortified with Vitamins & Minerals.. “. It just simply means that in the factory, the food manufacturer just adds synthetic vitamins back into the processed food together with all the chemical process.

Fiber is one of the things in food that cannot be kept for long. Try taking an orange and freeze it. After that, take it out and let it warm up to room temperature and you’ll notice that the insides turn into mush or it just doesn’t taste very nice.

Hence one of the steps when they process food is by removing the fiber and replacing it with refined fiber. One of the most popular ones is Inulin. Inulin is made from chicory root, which is something humans don’t usually consume.

Recent studies has shown that consumption of refined fiber will increase the risk of getting liver cancer.

Dr. Benoit Chassaing, Assistant Professor in the Neuroscience Institute at Georgia State said this, “Our research highlights that fortifying processed foods with fiber may not be safe to certain individuals with gut bacterial dysbiosis, in whom consumption of purified fiber may lead to liver cancer.”

So still think that the fiber content in that box of processed food is “gut healthy” ?

Nothing beats eating what mother nature provides. Fiber can be found in all sorts of vegetables and fruits. Stick with eating whole foods and you’ll be free of the risks involved by eating processed junks.

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