Weight Loss: Calories In Calories Out

“Can I just cut my calories in order to lose weight?”
“I’ll just eat less and move more and my weight will drop”
“I will exercise more and don’t need to change my diet”

Sounds familiar?

I hear this question quite often when people who do have good intention to lose weight and burn fat but always find it difficult to really think through and make positive changes to their lifestyle. So very often they think of these easy way out solutions and believe that their weight will just magically drop off.

Unfortunately, all of them failed.

This is largely due to the calorie theory of energy balance:

Body fat gained = calories in – calories out

So eating less and moving more will help you burn fat and lose weight? Well, time has proven that this theory does not work, and many people don’t even know why it doesn’t work.

Let’s assume that calories out is a constant value, by restricting calories consumed, then you’ll lose weight. That I agree.

HOWEVER, many people do not understand that calories out never stay constant. Most of your calories expenditure is in the form of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). It is the energy used by your body in order for you to survive: Beating of the heart, functions of the liver, lungs and kidney, your brain’s operation, etc. Basically things that you can’t control and will never have control over.

By reducing caloric input, your body will sense this and automatically lower its BMR after some time. Cutting calories will result in your body burning less calories and you will not lose fat. Weight loss happens for a short while then it will plateau, then you will start regaining weight again. At the same time, due to lower energy expenditure, you will feel tired all the time, and have constant low energy levels.

What you should be doing is NOT cutting calories. You should be changing the type of calories you put into your body. You should be telling your body that energy (glucose) from food is no longer available, and it needs to switch its primary fuel source from glucose to your body’s own fat. You can safely do this without having needing to cut any calories at all, or even increasing your exercises drastically.

Once your body switches to burning your own fat as energy, you will lose weight (fat) steadily, and you will not feel like crap. In fact, you might even have more energy to go through the day as your body is basically “eating itself” throughout the day.

So how do you make your body to burn your own fat as energy? The key word we’re looking for is Insulin. Insulin the the main hormone that decides whether your body burns food (glucose) or fat as energy. Lowering insulin will force your body to switch to fat as fuel. Lowering insulin would mean to switch your food from those simple highly refined carbohydrate sources like sugar, white rice, noodles, cakes, pasta, cookies, biscuits, soft drinks, etc. to healthy fats like avocado, nuts, coconut oil, salmon, mackerel, eggs with the yolk, etc.

I did that when I wanted to lose my weight previously. It has worked wonderfully for me. Many have followed and achieved amazing results as well. When you have lost most of your unhealthy fat in your body, then only we’ll talk about how do we use the “calories in, calories out” equation properly to achieve amazing physique 

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