The Body’s Energy System

How we lose weight and burn fat actually depends on how we use the body’s energy system. This is the snapshot from my “How to become a Fat burning machine” presentation describing the 3 main energy sources of our body.

the body energy system

The first one is the glycogen storage which is very small in quantity, and gives us the initial energy to perform certain task, for example, lifting a heavy dumbbell. It gets depleted pretty quickly as it’s limited in quantities. When we rest and nourish our body, our body refill the glycogen storage again.

The second energy source can be our own muscles or tissues. Our body can actually break down our own muscles, then convert them into amino acids to be used as energy. This happens especially when the body is in a stressful state and yes, we want to keep this to a minimum.

The 3rd type of from fats, and this IS what we want. As I’ve written many times before, fats in the form of triglycerides can only be released into the bloodstream if there is no insulin. Once the body stops running on glucose, it will switch to our fat as the alternative (and much cleaner and efficient) fuel source.

So, for an effective fat burning state, we want to exercise hard enough to deplete our glycogen storage, minimize the use of muscle as energy, and eating a diet that doesn’t spike our insulin so that our body is forced to use fat as energy instead.

It’s not a fad diet… this is pure physiology.

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