Hormones Imbalance and Weight Gain

Many women report that the hormones did affect their weight, particularly before/after your periods, during pregnancy, or during menopause. They may notice that they are gaining weight, or that it is more difficult to lose weight.

The shape of our body is largely influenced by the hormones. Why do we become fat and developed a big belly or muffin top with chunky thighs and flabby arms? Well you have 3 main fat-making hormones to blame:

1. Cortisol (Stress hormone)
2. Insulin (Triggered by presence of glucose in the blood)
3. Estrogen (Mostly affecting females, and also food containing synthetic estrogen like soy-based products)

As you age, just a little of 3 above (but mostly 1 and 2) will nullify all the fat burning activity and your body goes into fat preservation and also storing more fat into the fat cells.

hormones weight gain

There is a guideline on what to do with your diet, and also your lifestyle, to minimize the effects caused by the 3 fat making hormones based on your body type.

But as a general advice totally free of charge:
1. SLEEP EARLY and SLEEP LONG, maybe 7-8 hours per day?
2. EXERCISE REGULARLY, increase your metabolism, perhaps?
3. CUT OFF ALL SUGAR, say no to sugar!! hopefully

Weight gain is a common complaint among women who reach menopause. Making healthful diet and lifestyle changes are the best way to manage weight gain. People should talk to their doctor about any concerns that they may have related to weight gain or hormone imbalances.

Stay Tuned!!

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